Teacher Tech Resources

Here you will find tutorials on commonly asked questions

Google Drive Tutorial

Google Drive is a great resource that we have access to as RSD staffmembers. Drive is a cloud-based service that allows you to save files and folders online where they are securely stored for access anywhere. You can download th Drive App for your computer- Windows or Mac and sync multiple devices including smartphones and tablets. You can even share and collaborate from afar with Drive.


Laptop Displays  Tutorial

In this Tutorial, I will go over the different ways you can send your display from your laptop to the Projector. You can Clone your display or you can use Extended Desktop Mode.


Bookmarking Tutorial

In this video tutorial, I go over how to create an internet link on the desktop so you can get right to a website used often. This is great for adding links for students to AR and Hooda Math and other very used websites.



TED– Assessments