Are you familiar with FAN (Family Access Network)? There is a FAN Advocate at each school site in the Redmond School District and all FAN services are free to families of students in grades K-12. The FAN Advocate works with students and families to help provide information about and access to support services in our community. FAN can help connect you with resources such as the Oregon Health Plan, school supplies, housing, food, clothing, medical, dental, vision, parenting classes, counseling, scholarships and much more.

If your family is in need of FAN services or you have questions about the types of services FAN provides, please feel free to give me a call at the

Terrebonne FAN office at 923-4856 ext. 4508.

Also, if your family is able to help with donations of any of the above goods or services, I would be extremely grateful!

As always, if you have questions, needs, donations, time to volunteer, or are just curious about what FAN is all about, give me a call at 923-4856 ext. 4508.

Jennifer Jackson

FAN Advocate/Terrebonne Community School