November, 2022

Dear Community,

I have learned so much since moving to central Oregon and beginning this new chapter of my life and career!

First of all, I have learned what a tight knit community Terrebonne is and how much pride there is in the family feel of Terrebonne Community School.

I have learned that change is hard, for everyone!  Not new information, just reinforced.  As I get feedback from students, staff and community, I am working to be reflective and open.  I want to be an active listener as well as a trusted leader of this school.  Please partner with me to move Terrebonne forward, because while change is hard, not all change is bad!

I have learned that being involved in the school again (post COVID) is the desire of most families!  This year offers opportunities to engage with us as volunteers, as supporters, and as collaborators.  Please watch both our website and our social media feeds for opportunities to participate in decision making, give feedback, volunteer in classrooms, and support our students through fundraising.  

I have learned that the focus for the district is to work on kindness, caring and creating the connections that we lost in COVID.  Please know that parents are invited to join us for assemblies and school wide special events any time.  If you would like to volunteer or join your student’s classroom, you are welcome to reach out to their teacher.  We ask that you complete the volunteer requirements before joining classroom specific activities. You are welcome to join your student for lunch.  You can bring a lunch, purchase a lunch, or just visit!

I look forward to continued learning with you and your students!


Cyndi Ganfield