Principal’s Welcome & Monthly Blog

Welcome to Terrebonne Community School!

My name Trevor Flaherty and I have been the Principal at Terrebonne since August of 2014.  Prior to Terrebonne I served as an Assistant Principal in Jefferson County, Corvallis, and Seaside school districts.  I spent my teaching years as a 4th/5th Grade Bilingual Teacher (Independence SD) and a Middle School Spanish, PE, Health, and Outdoor School Teacher (West Linn-Wilsonville SD).  

Currently I am working toward my doctoral degree from the University of Oregon, with a graduation date of June, 2020.  While this has taken a monumental amount of time and energy to engage in this program, it will be a great sense of accomplishment for me personally upon its completion.  Additionally I earned two master’s degrees from Portland State University (Educational Administration and Curriculum & Instruction) and a bachelor’s degree from Western Oregon University (Teaching).  Go Wolves!  

While attending Western Oregon University, I had the opportunity to play basketball for four years while I studied to be a teacher.  As a young man, I had high hopes of beginning my career in education as a kindergarten teacher, however the call of athletic coaching took me to the middle and high school level.  Having now worked in an elementary setting for an extended period of time, I know there is no greater challenge nor satisfaction gleaned from my work with our youngest of learners and I don’t ever see myself returning to middle or high school.  Elementary students, families, and teachers ROCK that much! 

I am a proud father of two elementary-aged children.  My daughter Rouene is a 5th grader and my son Rieder is a 3rd grader. I take and active role in coaching all of their sports and enjoy this aspect of being a perent thoroughly.  We are an active family who likes to engage in outdoor activities such as swimming and hiking, camping in the trailer all summer long, and playing as much basketball as possible. 

It is a true honor to be able to work with the incredible educators at Terrebonne Community School and there are not enough kind words I can say about the dedication and commitment they have to helping your children grow both academically and socially. I encourage you to take time to connect with our teachers and our school so you are able to see what a great place this is for your children! As the year progresses, I will post my most recent message from our newsletter below in a blog format, in addition to any other pertinent information in regard to what is happening here at Terrebonne.  My hope is that the information I provide is both insightful and thought-provoking, so much so you feel compelled to come and visit with me.  I look forward to our future conversations!

Lastly, I look forward to each and every opportunity I will have this year to connect with students, families, and members of the community on a personal level.  In my view, TCS is a special place due to the partnerships it has established over many years between these three essential groups.  I pride myself on having open and honest communication with all and I encourage you to take time to share your ideas and experiences with me here at the school.

Let’s have a great start to the 19-20 school year!


Trevor Flaherty, Principal

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